Kyle XY

Kyle XY TV SeriesAn American drama television series Kyle XY is about the sixteen-years old boy Kyle who wakes up in a forest on the edge of Seattle totally naked and without any memories of an earlier life. He is totally missing standard human behaviors such as anger, joy and love. He is like a newborn baby in his lack of knowledge of human social life. He even doesn't know the simplest things, like how to eat or drink, and cannot communicate with others. When Kyle walks naked into a nearby town, he is picked up by the police. As they cannot find his records, he is taken to a children's' home where it is discovered he doesn't have a navel. At a nearby youth detention center, authorities discover that the kid is a savant who's missing instinctive human behavior and stranger still, he's missing the one thing every mammal has “a belly button”. One of the center's psychologists, Nicole Trager, realizes that Kyle needs special attention and she got interested with it. She realizes the kid doesn't belong at the home and brings him to her home while the police look for his family. The series follows Kyle and the Trager family as Kyle develops socially and searches for answers to his past.

The Trager family who adopted Kyle is a typical one, and neither dad Stephen (Thomas), sister Lori (Matson) nor son Josh (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) is at all happy when mom Nicole (MacIntyre) brings home one of her "head cases." She's a social worker and believes Kyle needs a home environment to bring him out of his shell. Soon the family starts to see that Kyle has some unique abilities and an uncanny way of completing two hour IQ tests in 5 minutes with perfect scores. He encounters everyday activities such as video games, drawing and music with a wide-eyed wonder and a thirst for more knowledge. He also starts to grow fond of the Trager family and even rescues Lori from a high school party that gets dangerously out of hand. By the end of the episode, the family has accepted the strange young man, and he's learned to speak.

Kyle learns bits and pieces that may lead him to discover his identity, and he also learns life lessons as he finds a place in the family. However, when he learns that his search to discover who he is may put the Trager family in danger, he pushes his abilities to the limit, in "Overheard", in an effort to protect them. The season culminates in the finale "Endgame", in which Kyle finds answers and an ally. Unfortunately, it's at the cost of leaving behind everyone's he's come to love.

Ghost Whisperer

Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon in Ghost WhispererGhost Whisperer is a episodic series on television that follows the fictional medium Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and her experiences with the dead as a result of her power. Each episode deals with one or more ghosts seeking Melinda's help in relaying a message or completing a task that will put the spirit to rest, and allow them to "cross over" into The Light, a metaphor presented by the show as its conception of Heaven.

Melinda Gordon has a ability to communicate with earthbound spirits and owns an antique shop. She is married to Jim Clancy (David Conrad) a local paramedic. Since she was a child she has a gift to communicate with the spirit of those who passed away. This fascinating ability was inherited to her grandmother as well as to her mother. She helps earthbound spirits and helps them to cross over in the Light. Her supporting husband Jim knows everything about her and is worried about what it can it do to her. In the first season of the series Romano was introduced, the antagonist and wearing a black hat. Romano is the opposite of Melinda, he tempted and gather earthbound souls and bring them to the Dark Side. The story climaxed in the season finale when a plane crashed in Grand view, and Melinda and Romano both attempted to sway the souls to the Light, and staying on earth, respectively. The second season arc revolves around the thinning "veil" between the living and the dead, evident in certain situations in second season episodes. By the end of the season, a second Ghost Whisperer was introduced. His arrival in Grand view sets the final events of a disastrous prophecy in motion, and the strengthening of the dark side over the Light.

In this series usually Melinda first encounter a ghost that supposed to be to crossed over. But the ghost can't leave this world because of it's unfinished business then Melinda will help the confused ghost to crossed the Light. At the end the ghost will fulfill the unfinished business by the help of Melinda and will cross over.

Beauty and the Beast

Catherine and Vincent in Beauty and the Beast TV SeriesAn American television series Beauty and the Beast originally broadcast in 1987. This series has three season and a total of fifty-six episodes. It is about the relationship between Catherine (Linda Hamilton), an Assistant Distinct Attorney who lived in New York City, and Vincent (Ron Perlman), a gentle, but lion-faced “beast” who belongs to a society of misfits and outcasts dwelling in the tunnels beneath th city.

The story begun when Catherine was abducted, beaten and abandoned in the middle of Central Park. Due to Vincent appearance he only emerge from the tunnels during the night and on one of his rambles he discovers the wounded Catherine. Carrying her down to the home chambers of his community (the World Below), Vincent nurses Catherine back to health with the aid of his adoptive parent Father (Roy Dotrice). This is the beginning of a beautiful love affair between Catherine and Vincent the beast.

Despite the lovers strong relations there is so much trials between them, one of this is with their families and friends. Even though it is against all odds the lover's stick together until Catherine became pregnant. She was kidnapped by Gabriel, an apparent drug lord, and take away from Vincent until she comes to term. When Vincent finds where she is, he tried to rescue her but Gabriel knows the plan. He ordered to kill Catherine and escape with the baby. Catherine died in Vincent arms but before she had her last breath she told Vincent everything about their son. That's the beginning of Vincent quest to Gabriel with the help of Diana Bennett, a police investigator.