Beauty and the Beast

Catherine and Vincent in Beauty and the Beast TV SeriesAn American television series Beauty and the Beast originally broadcast in 1987. This series has three season and a total of fifty-six episodes. It is about the relationship between Catherine (Linda Hamilton), an Assistant Distinct Attorney who lived in New York City, and Vincent (Ron Perlman), a gentle, but lion-faced “beast” who belongs to a society of misfits and outcasts dwelling in the tunnels beneath th city.

The story begun when Catherine was abducted, beaten and abandoned in the middle of Central Park. Due to Vincent appearance he only emerge from the tunnels during the night and on one of his rambles he discovers the wounded Catherine. Carrying her down to the home chambers of his community (the World Below), Vincent nurses Catherine back to health with the aid of his adoptive parent Father (Roy Dotrice). This is the beginning of a beautiful love affair between Catherine and Vincent the beast.

Despite the lovers strong relations there is so much trials between them, one of this is with their families and friends. Even though it is against all odds the lover's stick together until Catherine became pregnant. She was kidnapped by Gabriel, an apparent drug lord, and take away from Vincent until she comes to term. When Vincent finds where she is, he tried to rescue her but Gabriel knows the plan. He ordered to kill Catherine and escape with the baby. Catherine died in Vincent arms but before she had her last breath she told Vincent everything about their son. That's the beginning of Vincent quest to Gabriel with the help of Diana Bennett, a police investigator.


Unknown said...

This was my favourite show when I was growing up. Loved it!!! Great post.

Chapichupandra said...

I love this tv series. It really shows how powerful love could be..

Gingercaily said...

this show emphasize true reminds us that nothing is impossible when you're in love....

Ezhel Romero said...

This is my old time favorite classic Fairy tale movie,I am very fascinate with the story behind that ugly face..

X said...

I used to watch this show a long time ago but i couldn't remember the name

Sonia Who? said...

This is my favorite show and my favorite romantic couple. Just wish that it'd had a different, happier ending.

Beauty and the Beast is an American television series which first aired on CBS in 1987. Creator Ron Koslow's updated version of the fairy tale has a double focus: the relationship between Vincent (Ron Perlman), a mythic, noble man-beast, and his Catherine (Linda Hamilton), a savvy assistant District attorney in New York; and a secret Utopian community of social outcasts living in a subterranean sanctuary. Through an empathic bond, Vincent senses Catherine's emotions, able to sense the dangers her job brings her, and become her protector as well as the man she loves beyond all measure. The series follows the developing relationship between the characters and the division between the New York world Above, and the hidden world beneath it, and nicely fleshes out the underground world of labyrinth tunnels, mystical waterfalls, and people who have come together to form a loving and nurturing family. In a twist from the original tale, however, this "beast" does not transform into society's idea of beauty after gaining the love of Catherine. Rather, Vincent's inner beauty is allowed to remain the focus of who he is and it is Catherine's former "shallow" self that is the ugliness transformed by their love of each other.

Series synopsis

Season 1

When Catherine Chandler is abducted, beaten and slashed and left to die in Central Park, she is rescued and cared for by Vincent, who has taken her to his Father (Roy Dotrice), to their hidden community of people dwelling in tunnels below the city of New York. Ten days later, she returns to the surface with the promise of keeping Vincent's secret and the challenge to go on after her terrible attack. After completing her recovery, her life begins a serious transition: she takes self-defense lessons, leaves her comfortable job at her father's law firm and joins the Manhattan District Attorney's office as an Assistant District attorney. During the course of the first season, the production team fashioned a blend of romance and crime drama which used both Catherine's position as an ADA and her will to help Vincent and his world to place her in moments of physical danger which would bring the idealized romantic figure of Vincent to the surface world as her guardian angel.

Sonia Who? said...

Season 2

During its second season, the series shifted its focus slightly to add more character development, as the central characters spent considerable time exploring their relationship and with the inhabitants of the Tunnel World, where Catherine had now finally been accepted as a friend and "Helper" (someone who assists the Tunnel community with what they need to survive and by keeping their secret). More people from the world Above turned up for emotional support and healing in the World Below's welcomingly secure environment. Near the end of the season, however, in an effort to boost faltering ratings, the action orientation returned as a result of the misleadings of the recurrent villain Paracelsus (Tony Jay). In a cliff hanger final episode, Catherine is seen walking down a tunnel into a chamber, where Vincent is suffering from a violent madness.

Season 3

When the series returned for its abbreviated third season late in 1989, Linda Hamilton had announced her decision to leave the series. It was a decision that, along with the network's desire to attract more male viewers, would have serious repercussions for the show's continued survival. In the resolution to the previous season's cliffhanger, Catherine rescued Vincent from his inner demons but was kidnapped by "Gabriel" (played by Stephen McHattie), the ruthless head of a huge criminal empire she had been investigating, which was trying to corrupt the D.A.'s office. She was killed, but not before giving birth to Vincent's son, who was held hostage by the evil Gabriel. Catherine's boss and close friend Joe Maxwell (played by Jay Acovone) hired Diana Bennett (Jo Anderson), a criminal profiler with the police department, to track down Catherine's killer. Quite naturally, her investigation ultimately led her to the now darkly obsessed and grieving Vincent.

Although still popular with its dedicated fans, the darker, more resolutely violent aspects of the reworked concept, coupled with the fatal loss of the all-important central relationship between Catherine and Vincent, led to further declining ratings and cancellation.

It's a beautiful romance but also very tragic. Though Catherine ends up pregnant and give birth to Vincent's child, there was no love scenes during the first 2 seasons, only hugs, lots of hugs, and one chaste kiss of thanks from Catherine. Then, only a desperate kiss on the lips when Catherine willed Vincent back to life, and his farewell kiss on her cold lips after she had died. And though Catherine did tell Vincent she loved him a few times he only told her once, during his illness, when he thought he might not make it. It's very sad that Vincent, because of his fears of hurting her if he lost control during passion, and of binding her to his life of shadows and limitations, he wouldn't allow her to be with him and let her love him they way they both so longed for. The one time they did have physical consummation of their love was in a desperate attempt by Catherine to save Vincent. Even more sad was the fact that, though he recovered from his illness, he had no memory of their loving. She was kidnapped before she could tell him she was pregnant and he didn't know about it until the night she had given birth to their son and he laid dying in his arms. She only got to tell him that they had loved, that there's a child, and that he's beautiful, before she died. He didn't really understand her words until he had a vision when he found her crystal necklace, where he heard her voice and saw a child, then her words sank in and he finally understood them. After he rescued his son from Gabriel there really was no reason for the show to continue since it just was no longer the same without the love of his life, his bond-mate and soul-mate, Catherine. It just wasn't acceptable for any other woman to take her place in his life or his heart.