Beyond the Break

The Cast of Beyond the Break TV SeriesBeyond the Break is a teen drama series which debuted on June 2006. It is shot entirely on location in Oahu, Hawaii. There are 20 episodes that have finished production, season one consisted of ten episodes and the ten episodes left are for the season two. The show has started production on season three, consisting of 14 episodes, and premieres in early 2008. The series is about the four girls, the flirt, the native, the one trying to fit in and the criminal in the sport of professional surfing, and the ups and downs of the competitive surfing circuit known as Wave Sync. Birdie Scott (Tiffany Hines), Lacey Farmer (Natalie Ramsey), Dawn Preston (Suzie Pollard), and Kai Kealoha (Sonya Balmores) must overcome their differences in order to capture surf stardom.

The Cast of Beyond the Break TV Series

In the pilot episode, three of the girls are being sponsored for surfing by a company called Wave Sync, Dawn, the rich girl who stays out flirting with hot guys, Kai, the native of Hawaii, and Birdie which struggling in getting a job. They live with their coach, Justin (David Chokachi), and his assistant, Shoe (Jason Tam), who is in charge of keeping the boards clean. Shoe has a huge crush on Dawn, who doesn't seem to notice him much. Bailey (Ross Thomas II), is their annoying, but hot, next door neighbor which can't keep his eyes on Birdie. The last girl, Lacey Farmer, comes from an abusive household. She hopes that if she travels to Hawaii, Wave Sync will give her a sponsorship. She was strongly considered until Wave Sync saw her criminal record. Forced to stay in Hawaii because of her mother's drunk boyfriend, she has to prove that she belongs, regardless of her record.

There are many interesting characters in the series like Dawn which we know as “the flirt”, however as the series goes she's so much more than that. Also Lacey, she has a lot of trials in life which causes her to run off to Hawaii. The four main female characters come from diverse backgrounds and bring many of their issues into the house. Fights ensue over boys, money and surfing, and the girls are forced to learn life lessons without parental supervision. At the end of the day, friendships and bonds are formed, but not without a “whodunit” angle to keep the drama alive until the next episode.


Unknown said...

The most addictive show of 2006. Sure to interest many young adults of today

kim possible said...

Beyond the break is one my favorite tv series because of the concept of the story specially the twist beyond the climax was totally great... by the thanks for sharing your taught about this series... keep it up... cheers