Sara Pezini in Witchblade TV SeriesWitchbalde is an action-fantasy drama series produced by Blade TV Productions. It is directed by Ralph and various others. It is based on the comic with the same title, this series follows the adventures of police detective Sara Pezini (Yancy Butler), the bearer of the Witchblade. The Witchblade is a powerful gauntlet-like weapon with a will of it's own. Existing since the dawn of time it chooses each time the right person to be merged with, and Sara is the chosen one of this generation.

Witchblade delves into the conflict between good and evil. The story begun when the New York cop Sara Pezzini comes across the Witchblade, a mystical artifact and it gives her enhanced strength, agility, the ability to deflect bullets with its armored glove, and the ability to gain full armor and a sword when needed. As a chosen one of the Witchblade she has the mission to fulfill it is to give justice. Various individuals such as mysterious millionaire Kenneth Irons try to gain the Witchblade from her, dropping hints and trying to manipulate her into serving them. Meanwhile, the Witchblade itself has a mind of its own and has its own plots and schemes.

Knight Rider

Knight Rider TV SeriesWay back to 80's and 90's this entertaining shows hit everywhere. This is an action-adventure series about a talking car, Knight Rider. The story begun when an undercover cop named Michael (David Hasselhoff) was shot in face and left dead. He rescued by a billionaire Wilton Knight (Richard Basehart), a founder of Knight Industries for the Foundation of Law and Order. Michael was given a new face and identity. He also given a new mission in life “to punished criminals, and to maintain peace and order using a high-tech computer weaponry and gadgetry. This is the beginning of the great adventure of our hero.